Please see our new pricing structure for technical support, effective January 1st, 2014

General technical support for managed servers:
  • INCLUDED: General hardware maintenance and server software maintenance (such as cPanel/Firewall/Mail Server updates) at no additional charge.
  • INCLUDED: Up to (2) hours per month of general technical support (combined total across all domains, 2 hours per physical server)
Extended Server Support:
  • Technical support for general troubleshooting: $75/hour
    (The first 2 hours of general technical support are included for free with every hosting package.  Examples would be: Creating new email accounts, helping users set up Outlook, resetting passwords, etc.).
  • Advanced technical support: $100/hour
    (i.e., fixing connectivity or communication issues inside our network, resulting from an event or circumstance caused by the end user. For example, a customer's domain/IP getting blacklisted due to mass emailing)
  • Extended remote support: $120/hour
    (i.e., working on issues that outside of our network, for example, when troubleshooting a customer's home computer remotely)
  • Extended Anti-spam: $120/hour
    (services related to inbound spam control, above and beyond the normal rate of spam, including diagnostics, whitelisting/blacklisting configurations, setting up additional anti-spam services, etc.)
General Web Development:
  • Standard website development and website-related support: $60/hour
    (i.e., Wordpress development, customizing templates, installing/configuring plugins, etc.)
  • Advanced development and technical support: $75/hour
    (i.e., Magento, Woocommerce, etc.)


  • The stated prices will be charged when services are rendered, unless stated otherwise.
  • We may provide billing terms for customers who maintain timely payments.


  • Customers with dedicated server environements may qualify for discounted development rates.  Please contact us for more information.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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